Thursday, February 20, 2014

Father you promised

Dad, it's been a while since you left us for what we call here on earth "A better place"
Dad it's been so hard for us, look at us we're scattered all over the place
Oh how we prayed for your forgiveness, mentioned your name at every grace
Your warm memory comes to our hearts through your merciful and kind face

Did you not promise upon your leave that we were gonna be alright?
And we believed you, yes we believed, dad you were always right
You promised but why years later, upon your memory mom's eyes still get wet
It is unfair because we're only human, so did you, now that you're a spirit, forget?

Sometimes I wonder if it was a blessing in disguise that you're now gone
Because you left us whole, and did not have a chance to see what was yet to come
That place we loved, created memories, wrote our history, proudly called home
Has now gone, and we're torn apart, surviving desperately the uncertain and unknown

Did you not promise upon your departure that we were gonna be just fine?
And we believed you, dad look at us, our lives are now on the line
You promised but why do we feel damaged, can we go back in time?
Have you forsaken us, abandoned us? do something, give us hope, give us a sign

Where art thou father, can you hear us, can you see what is going on?
Our home is bombed, our lives are burned, and No! you're not the only one 
Who sacrificed his love. Each one of us to this war lost a parent, a sibling, a son
Here we are bloodless, lifeless, soulless, we're done, oh God, we are undone

Did you not promise upon your death that we were going to be okay?
You left no will, no trust, but the legacy of a broken promise, so "come what may"
Are you in cold blood playing chess with God, killing those soldiers who did not pray?
Father, your blessings are many, but is it a blasphemy that we want to break away?

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