Friday, January 25, 2013

I'm not praying for your God

I'm not praying for your God
I'm not practicing your doctrines
I don't have to understand your religious views
To me, those are just toxic scenes 

When I pray, I pray for love instead
Not because I have to, as some prophet said 
I pray for peace, equality, and love to spread
For prosperity beyond the daily bread

Your God comes in many shapes and colors
With fine prints, complicated and hatched
My God is love, it's unconditional
It's simple with no guilt strings attached

If I want to watch a play, there's the theater
To know the latest trend, there are fashion runways
If I want to socialize, there are coffee bars
And yet I see them all in your houses of praise!

So I'm not praying for your God
The same God who stained our history with blood
The same God who dragged humanity in mud
Forgive me, don't recruit me, because I'm not