Friday, July 2, 2010

A Dream

I have a dream, and my dream fills up my heart and gives me purpose
It makes me want to wake up in the morning,
Want to start my day as early as possible,
Want to work as hard as I can,
It makes me tolerate any difficulty and any obstacle that might occur,
And when it comes true, and it always does,
It makes me forget any damage or hurt that happened along the way of pursuing my dream,
It makes me celebrate the success of being able to express myself, not to others, but to myself first.

Expressing my dream has to make sense to me.
If I'm not the biggest fan of my dream,
If I don't believe it can come true,
If I don't trust that it will happen,
If it doesn't put me in a trance,
If it doesn't land me on cloud nine,
Then my dream is a fantasy. And it doesn't matter.

And if it doesn't matter, it will die
And if it dies, It will create a void
And that void will suck my energy and shrink my horizon
It will take me back to the starting point where there's no light

And when my dream comes true,
It gives me hope that my other dream will also come true.
And then my other dream will come true too.
So I tell myself to dream again,
And give hope to my dream.
And it's how I perceive it, then approach it, then protect it, then work for it,
That shapes the identity of my dream

My dream does not have to take place at night
When the stars and the moon shine
It happens when I wake "myself" up
Which is never enough on its own
Because I have to give my dream/myself a direction
Give it, not just hope, but a home to come back to

I will never put out the light of my dream
I will keep it alive as long as I'm breathing
Because it is my dream that makes my life worth living
And I'm not limiting myself to one.
Dream on