Friday, August 27, 2010

Not a Morning peson?

When someone tells you "I'm not a morning person" and you have something that can't wait to tell them, what do you do? How long do you have to wait before that morning tunes into their swinging mood to give you the green light to talk? Do they mean they need an hour or two for themselves after they wake up, or do they mean you should avoid them till noon? Is a "morning person" someone who wakes up early and "Not a morning person" someone who wakes up late? How do we know the exact meaning of those terms and labels?

My mornings are pretty much the same. I wake up around 7 or 7:30 to make my Cafe-latte; one shot of espresso, 1% organic milk heated with foam and no sugar. I prepare my oat meal with nonfat yogurt and sit by the large window in my living room to check my emails, while the morning breeze is flirting with the leaves of the four large Eucalyptus trees in the middle of California Ave by the 3rd street promenade in Santa Monica. Normally I play soft music, mostly Fairuz, the Arabic morning symbol of music. And as the Lebanese put it, our ambassador to the stars. I love Fairuz, she makes me a "morning person" or in other words, she gets me in a good mood. I'm someone who believes that having a good peaceful quiet morning sets up the tone pretty much for the rest of the day. But my morning rituals are not set in stone, when and if I have company in the morning, I would enjoy a little casual chat that goes along with our coffee.

My latte never gets old. I still drink it after years of that routine as if it's the first time I'm discovering its flavor. I check my emails with the same enthusiasm since a lot of my friends live overseas. I still listen to Fairuz and still get in a trance every single time because of her angelic voice. I have lived by myself for a decade with the exception of the year 2004 when I had a roommate; A friend of mine God bless his morning energy. We would wake up to have breakfast and instead of enjoying the flavor of my coffee, I make so much effort to make out the meaning of his morning loud conversation which took away from the peace and quiet I prefer to enjoy in the AM. Lot's of times I found myself using that term with him "I'm not a morning person dude, could you please tune it down a notch?" I look back and wonder if that was pathetic of me since now I have my mother with me for a few months as my morning buddy, and I wake up with a big smile on my face and a lot of times in the AM we sit down and chat..... quietly though.

So am I a "morning person or NOT a morning person"? Is it really the morning that we blame or is it the routine that we become enslaved by? Is it our mood, or is it the person we see first thing in the morning? Do we hide our agendas with the "Morning Person" expression and are we consistent in treating all people around us? hummmm, something to think about

When someone tells you "I"m not a morning person" (guilty) and you have something that actually CAN wait to tell them, what do you do? Here's what I would do nowadays, I would say "I'm sorry you're not, but if I got something to say, I'm gonna say it now because your mood is not going to dictate my mornings. So why don't you go bury yourself back in your blanket and wait till the night owls wake up to hang out with them and then hang yourself upside down like bats do, so when the sun sets, you would think it's rising all over again declaring your worst enemy, morning that is, then continue your sleep till you get bored and wake up to ask me what it was that I was about to tell you, which I would then respond to by "Nah" not in the mood to talk to you right now, try me some other time because I'm not an evening person, let's find a time that works for both of us. AKA NEVA".

Have a good night