Sunday, April 24, 2011

Chicago's Easter

Easter's morning is an adventure
The kids are looking for a hidden treasure
The eggs seem to be their only pleasure
It's fun and for their parents it's leisure

No kid leaves with no reward to keep
They run and jump, they move and leap
And as they're searching and digging deep
Chicago wakes up from its winter's sleep

The parks are back to life as normal
The celebration of spring is formal
But the music suddenly turns soulful
For one kid is left behind feeling awful

His heart is broken, his wings are clipped
From life and joy, his face is stripped
When I heard his cry and read his script
I believe it was a beat my heart just skipped

For him the city's memory is always winter
With wind that's not just cold but bitter
And though the river seems calm and glitter
Chicago's Easter becomes a hitter

Easter has nothing to do with going more East
It's a resurrection of life and love deceased
It's overcoming death, according to the priest
It's supposed to heal and give hope at least

I have never been to Chicago but through your eyes
I saw myself in the river getting baptized
I held your hand by the lake in the cold nights
but now I’m the kid who's left with no ties

Easter's morning is an adventure
The kids are happy, there is no pressure
Chicago smiles, a smile I treasure
I think of you, I wish we stayed together

But somethings are just not meant to be
Chicago's Easter is just a memory