Friday, July 23, 2010

Evil Eye

Evil Eye

When I tell my friends that I won the lottery and published the news on Facebook, they look at me as if I lost my mind to let the whole world know that I won. The common reaction comes from their concerns about protecting myself from the evil eye. But what is the evil eye?

A student of mine told me that people can put you under a spell and you won't be able to cast their spell without another. She said that people do black magic and witchcrafts that would turn my luck around so it's best to share as little as possible.

Mom brought me a round blue piece of glass with a white circle then a black dot in its middle. She asked me to put it on my door. She said that it takes away the evil eye, so if people envy me, my luck won't go away. She told me one evening as we were heading back from the ocean, right after she heard me acknowledging the blessings in my life, that I should stop saying out loud how lucky I am because I might jinx myself.

I have mentioned in the past that I'm not a superstitious man; but don't get me wrong, I say "knock on wood" and I did put the divine blue glass piece on my door, yet I feel that it's kind of cultural and habitual. I don't believe that I should put the salt on the table instead of handing it to another person if I'm asked to pass the salt. I don't believe that I if I carried a bag, that I should never put it on the floor but always on the couch. I don't consider whistling in the PM summons the devils. And I certainly don't believe that I should never walk in between two poles. I guess there's a limit to how much I would let those things control my life.

Some women say that parents jinx their own kids. When my friend delivered her first born, I couldn't help but fall in love with her. She was the most charming innocent creature that you can hold in your hands. I was not able to express my love and admiration towards her in front of his grandmother, because she would rebuke her own parents if they do that or if they share that she's growing so fast and that her clothes don't fit her anymore. It got to a point where I really wanted to ask for a manual, what is allowed to say and what's not.

Now mind you, I'm not a religious person and I don't believe that someone can focus their negative energy over another person to cause them damage and harm. I do believe that you can bring negative energy to yourself by being negative all the time, I also believe in being positive too. And I believe in coincidences, ever heard of a coincidence? But what I find disturbing the most is that those who are big on the "Evil Eye" are the ones who claim that they're religious. So my confusion is this, since they believe in God, how come they also believe that God would allow us to control each others' lives and lucks by being envious, jealous and evil. Steven Weinberg wrote "If there is a God that has special plans for humans, then He has taken very great pains to hide His concern for us. To me it would seem impolite if not impious to bother such a God with our prayers." Why bother and pray if the evil eye is around us? Sooner or later our prayers will be strangled with the power of the "Evil Eye".

P.S: I didn't win the Lottery ;-)