Friday, April 30, 2010


You left a candle unattended. The very same candle that lit the way for you, for years, perhaps a decade. That candle wasn't going to burn you, it was burning to give you light. And just when it needed your hands to protect its flame from the wind of change that came unexpectedly, you left it there to struggle alone. You walked away and didn't care to see if it was going to make it. And you were proud, proud because you abandoned it to find a different one, one that would hide your true colors, from you.

And today, you stand in the dark, but you think you're glowing. Your head is bent down with shame, but you imagine it held high. Your heart is beating with guilt, but you hear passion. Your breath is stinking with remorse, but you smell flowers. Your feet are tired of your weight, but you feel light. You're living a lie my friend. And it won't take long before you realize, life goes on with or without you. And when you wake up from the illusion you built around yourself, and it will probably be too late, are you then going to admit that you made a mistake by walking away from those who all they asked for was a little space to breath?

Look back and remember the times people had given you the benefit of the doubt, the space you needed, I was one of them. So, try to move on now, without a heartbeat, without a breath, without pride, without passion, without truth, without respect, the respect of Closure….. And I commend you if you can and wish you good luck as I always did, and always will. Just keep away, and don't knock on my door when you miss me "and you will", because you won't find what you didn't care to give ... when you should have ..... Closure.