Saturday, November 6, 2010

You Worry So Much

What has essentially happened long time ago
worries you so much
What actually happens in your life today
worries you so much
What could potentially happen to you tomorrow
worries you so much
Your looks, your health,  your career, your wealth
worry you so much
What could possibly happen to the ones you love
worries you so much
Losing control, change, loss, relationships
worry you so much
The fear of eventually ending up alone
 worries you so much

And slowly you lose your ability to fly
And little by little your glow fades away
And your heartbeat slows down before it dies
And you wonder if it's too late to pray

That book behind your head had it all along
Look at the birds of the air, they don't sow nor reap
They fly and multiply,  they eat and sing their songs
While you worry too much and lose more sleep

Wipe your tears, yes you know that it can be worse
Wipe your tears, try to learn when you're not the first
Keep the faith in yourself, it's the master's touch
Lose control and smile, 
Hey, you worry so much