Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Signature

Take away my dreams, they're all about you
My ambitions, my hopes and everything I pursue
Take my poems, re-write them, then claim them yours
I will write more, all for you and all about you for sure

Take my songs, play them, sing them, change their rhythm
Take away from them or find more to go with them
Reproduce them, flip their genre from pop to blues
Whatever it is, I would  trust anything you choose

Take away my senses, and my all pretty much
Mold me into what you like, recreate me with your own touch 
But keep me alive and keep my only purpose loving you
I'll survive because loving you is all I know and all I do

Take my happiness and give me your grief
Replace my faith with your disbelief
Take my peace and give me your anger
Take my safety and give me your danger
Replace my strength with your weakness
My health will cure in you any sickness
Take my laughter and give me your tears
Take my security and give me your fears

Change every thing I have, be my God, be my creator
Loving you would still be my profession, I'm no amateur
No matter how much you take, no matter if you still want more
Just leave me one thing and I hope it's not much to ask for
My name
My signature