Saturday, April 11, 2015

I went to Syria today

Forgive me Aleppo for I’ll be lying if I said I could not visit you, I chose not to. You became a Russian Roulette and I cannot take a chance, I just can’t. There are way too many people I love so much and I am not ready to say good-bye. 

But knowing you were a stone’s throw away broke my heart and made me feel like a betrayer. 

Home is where the heart is, and my heart is where my immediate family lives. Today it is Tartus, tomorrow ...... only God knows. 

I went to Syria today. People called me crazy, reasoned with me, tried to stopped me, but I had to. 
I went to the Syria I knew years ago. Under the government protection.
No one disrespected me as I was crossing the borderline
No one belittled me during the seemingly nonstop check-points
No one killed me and spilled my blood just because I was Christian

I went to the Syria I knew my whole life
I went to buy groceries from my Muslim neighbor
He greeted me with a smile and said to me “How’s it going brother?”
I dined at a restaurant with my family by the sea , and no snipper aimed at us, or at me
I went to church on Great Friday to pay my respect. The people praying in the mosque did not capture me and crucify me just because the Christ was crucified
I attended the mass on Easter Sunday, and no bomb fell over our church while we were praying for the resurrection of our beloved Syria
I came back in one piece, I was not beheaded because I was coming back to the US. I was not even questioned, my head is over my shoulders and I am forever grateful

I hugged my niece whom I never had a chance to meet in person before, and if that’s not priceless, I don’t know what is

I went to Syria today, and I would go there over and over, for the happiness and joy I felt were real for a change. 

I already miss being with my family. I pray we reunite and create a new home, honoring the beautiful memories of our home Syria.