Saturday, November 9, 2013

Individual Cells (The Last Word)

This is not about who says the last word 
It is not about who wins and who gets defeated
It is not about whose voice is not heard
Not about who plays a fair game and who is cheated

This is about people who have lost their way
It's about people who had a bit too much to say
About people who forgot the sound of their voice
And thought that fight was inevitable, with no other choice

This is about a city that listened so much
And when it wanted to speak, it was brutally hushed
A city that raised generation after generation
That embraced variety and differences into one nation

It's about a country that used to be a mother
And now she sees her children killing each other
A country that wrote history before history was written
That made its name her children's only religion

This is not about who says the last word. 
Yet here we are still arguing about who's to blame
Not about the individual legacy we leave in this world
Get over your ego, remember we all have one last name

This is not about who laughs at the end
There will be nothing left to laugh about but ourselves
This is about the kind of message we ultimately send
Freedom comes when we step out from our individual cells

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