Friday, May 7, 2010

I'm a Believer

I'm a Believer

Do I need to be someone who stands 
in front of the crowd raising his hands
praying praising god aloud
feeling righteous, superior and proud
Do I have to kneel down and pray
and show my gratitude many times a day
and visit that pure holy place
to earn forgiveness for my mistakes
And do I have to belong?
isn't it enough to know right from wrong?
I'm a believer 
not in guilt nor in cult or any kind of bait
I'm a believer
Religion should not spread indirect hate
I believe in love
I believe in mercy
in forgiveness
in simplicity
I believe in life
and what it offers
I believe in love
and in lovers
But keep me away from your religion
Allow me to make my own decision
Do I have the right to manipulate peace
and spread terror to fight terrorists
can I decide that it's war
and forget what I was fighting for
and in the name of purifying earth
millions die for billions worth
slavery exists even worse today
be politically correct in what you say
Do I have to be strong?
Isn't it enough to know right from wrong?
I'm a believer
And I'm neither democrat nor republican
I'm a believer
not in leaders but in the strength of the common man
I believe in freedom 
when it's not abused
in people's right 
to elect and choose
I believe in earth
not in countries
in a universal home
with no boundaries
keep me away from politics
I'm too clean to mess with
And hand in hand we stand united
and diversity is welcomed and invited
so be yourself, be black be white
muslim, jewish, gay or straight who's to say what's right
but if you impose your beliefs on me
I have the right to disagree, why judge me? 
for I'm a believer
I believe in equal opportunity
I'm a believer
my religion is called humanity

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Yvonne said...

Ok, so while I do think you cheated by using one of your songs as your weeekly blog post, I'm gonna let it slide this time since this song is so frickin' amazing.