Friday, March 5, 2010

Not Your Style!

When I wrote you asking what was it you were trying to achieve by calling me, you said that you just felt like calling, and so you did, as for achieving something, that was not your style, you said that it was mine.

You're right, achieving is not your style because to achieve something is to take an action, but in your case, it's all about the talk, never the walk. Your words say it all loudly. They have so much power and you don't take advantage of that power to "achieve" something good. You use it for the sole purpose of expressing how you feel, without thinking of the impact of the hurtful words coming out of your heart. And why should you think! you're an artist. And an artist has the right to be spontaneous and free from all restrictions including expressing themselves and feelings, burning bridges and crossing lines, and they're proud of their attitude which they call "Being honest and straight forward".

Do you remember when you were on a roll criticizing me which I thought at the beginning was constructive till it became destructive. and I asked you to stop on seven different occasions? Because if you don't remember, I would like to remind you of the way you shrugged your shoulders and said you can't help it, you criticize yourself too so what's the big deal in criticizing me. 

Yes, actions speak louder than words, and yes, I gave your words all the power because I loved you but….  Think before you speak my darling

When I wrote you asking what is it you're trying to achieve by calling me, you said that you just felt like calling, and so you did, but forgive me, because I didn't feel like picking up, and so I didn't… Thank you for following your feelings and teaching me how to follow mine too. I admit, you're inspirational, yet I wish you were less irrational, and that's me being "honest and straight forward".

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