Friday, February 26, 2010

The Shrink and the Missing Link

You said I broke your heart, you finally spoke
I said no baby; it was my heart I broke
You said you felt numb; you had to see a shrink
To help you feel again and find the missing link

He said that in that brutal coming apart
You had no voice, which was what broke your heart
We said we were gonna make a decision together
Again 9 days went by with no communication ever

You said you don’t like to fire back, that you hate it
But recovery for you was so easy, it’s overrated
You couldn’t believe it’s been only a month not a year
You’re not bitter or angry or playing a martyr, yet dear

You talked about how you had to improvise
And walked the cold nights with tears in your eyes
But did you tell your shrink how you always said you’d call
And successfully managed to always drop the ball

Did you tell him how you turned me into a convenient box
That you only opened while driving those endless blocks
How you moved to a different city for your career
And planned on moving me there in a little bit over a year

Oh wait, did you tell him when and how we first met
The time we spent together, does he know any of that yet
The songs I wrote and sent you, were returned unheard
The blogs I wrote were also unread and that hurt

But it was me who had to baby you when you felt bad
You broke your own heart; the book you gave me suggested that
My conscience is clear baby, that guilt trip you lurked
Casually into your communication this time did not work

And tell me something love, didn’t your shrink
Tell you that actions usually reflect what people think
Is he telling you now what to eat, when to stop when you drink
How to love yourself and be in harmony and in sync

Now if I may, let me tell you about that missing link
Without any disrespect to your "so called, imaginary" shrink
When you keep on lying and manipulating and don't even blink
You excel at it, but eventually its smell does stink

Now that's what I call a free session .....

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