Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Silk Road

The Silk Road

Up North West of home there is my city
An ancient town that has beauty and simplicity
The oldest capital of industry to say the least
Hard working people known of their generosity

Their love of music, food, their hospitality
Their passion, their determination, their curiosity
They live each day to celebrate, to dance and feast
They pray to one God; the God of humanity

Come with me let me show where I grew up
Let me show you a city that knows how to live it up
The night life that goes on and on and never stops
The city that works hard, plays hard and does not give up

Come with me to show you history you did not know
Authenticity, originality that makes you take a bow
Beroea to some, to others Alep or Alshahba Aleppo

But to me it's Halab, the name alone makes my heart glow!

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