Monday, March 3, 2014

A Stolen Moment

Two ladies in their mid sixties came for different customer service requests at the bank where I work. I said to the first one that I remembered her so well, that she was an actress, that she put me on the phone with her best friend who was an actor and who spoke my language.

As I was doing the wire transfer for the second lady, the first one came back with a big bottle of wine and told her that I was her favorite banker. As she was giving me the wine bottle she told the lady at my desk that this would take only a moment. The lady at my desk responded with "I do not have that moment, hurry up". 

Without blinking an eye, without even taking a moment to comprehend the meanness of that statement, or to form a proper reaction, the first lady said "We're all in hurry ma'm, a little kindness goes long ways". 

She gave me the wine, I hugged her and sat down with the customer who was not happy about that stolen moment. I was taken more by the kindness of the first lady than by the bitterness of the one at my desk. I was determined on creating a memorable customer experience and on killing her with kindness, the one that goes long ways. 

By the end of our transaction, she had a big smile on her face and said to me "Thank you, you have the patience of a saint". 

And I agreed. 

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