Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Letter To Barak Obama!

Dear Mr. President,

In 1983, Vanessa Williams became the first African-American woman crowed Miss America, but due to published nude photographs of her, that title was revoked.
In 2009 you accepted the Noble Peace Prize, which is according to the Oxford dictionary, “The world's most prestigious prize, awarded for the ‘preservation of peace”. That honor equates your achievements with legends such as Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Dalai Lama, and Martin Luther king, Jr. to name a few.

As a president of a great nation, your job is to lead, yet to serve the best interest of that nation. There should not be any favoritism, special interests, or preferences that distract you from achieving justice and equality in and outside our nation. You are supposed to lead … by example. There should not be any egos interfering in your mission, let alone your own ego. However, you attributed the capture and execution of Osama Bin Laden solely to yourself and addressed the American citizens in the first person, taking full credit of that victory, which coincided right before the renewal of your second presidency term. You came up with a healthcare that you named after yourself, you very own name. You did not choose names such as “Equal health care”, or “Health-care for all”, or anything that reflects the so-called better healthcare for all Americans. No, your choice was your very own name instead.

But you were given the benefit of the doubt when you could not bring back the country to an economic stability because the former president caused too much damage. During your second term, the number of Americans depending on welfare has doubled, and there are still no signs of hope in the near future. Yet those are minor issues in my letter to you. The real issue is that you said "I say what I mean and I mean what I say" and according to you, you are not George Bush, and yet, you have declared war on Syria without taking the approval of your very own people and without any legitimate reason. 

Mr. President, help me understand what makes you think you are different from other presidents. We Americans have been deceived and lied to by other presidents over and over, however, investigations always clarified and revealed their lies and deception. You said you were different. Let me bring to your attention samples from the past decade and please tell me how those were any different from you. Bill Clinton looked into the Camera and swore under oath that he did not have sex with Monica Lewinsky, yet the truth surfaced sooner than he thought it would and took away his credibility as an honest man, let alone a president. George Bush said we were going to Iraq to seize weapons of mass destruction, his administration went as far as saying they knew where those weapons were, and yet after destroying a country and killing its people, it became clear that there were no such weapons and it was used as an excuse to invade Iraq and make new business deals. Today, you say that Syria crossed the red line by using chemical weapons, your administration framed Bashar Al-Assad; a so-called dictator according to you and the media, and yet when the challenge of proving that the Syrian regime was behind it, your secretary of state John Kerry said that it did not matter who used those weapons anymore, and that we have to strike. Should we go back in time to other examples and illustrate the destruction of so many countries? How do you propose taking charge exactly when you make your statements about Syria right after Bill Clinton calls you a wuss? How do you support democracy in the Middle East when you clearly see the results in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, to name a few of the crisis in the so-called Arab Spring. But most of all Mr. President, how do you exactly propose your worthiness of that Nobel Peace Prize when you declare war on any country and increase the number of the already overwhelming number of casualties and refugees.

When mother Teresa was asked to join a campaign to fight terror, she said she would join a campaign that spreads love and peace. Though not in the exact words, she chose positive words in her support. When you were called a wuss about your stand of what is happening in Syria, you declared war. You and mother Teresa are in one category?

Mr. President, Vanessa Williams was deprived of her Miss America title, but no one can deny that although her title was revoked, her beauty was not. However, although you backed out of the strike against Syria, that Noble Peace prize still feels like it belongs to someone else, someone who does not declare war in cold blood and call for more slaughtering and killing after financially supporting terrorism in the Middle East under fake humanitarian agendas. Regardless of what you think of yourself, you should have been crowned Miss America and that Noble Peace Prize should have been given to Vanessa Williams instead.


Anonymous said...

that's is the best article i have red recently!!!!!!!! i hope Obama really can read it. I am sharing it with every body i know.
love it and love you xxxx


Great article Tony