Sunday, May 8, 2011

My spontaneous friend

My friend you need a break, you're not just physically at stake, stress is not good for your delicate 
And if I really get on your nerves, have you heard of those organic herbs? Try them, they might calm down your 

I'm sorry about your common sense, but I say in your defense, it didn't go well with your uninhibited 
You were born an artist, your talents are countless, so what's a flaw or two like the lack of compassion or 

Of course I know you meant well, when you wrote me "go to hell", your message was eloquent, elegant, classy and full of 
You accused me of being on time, said that discipline is my crime, that I have structure and dare to show 

According to you these qualities are bad, make me a robot, Alas, how sad! to lack life and lack what you excel at; 
So you don't like my routine, but you don't want to sound mean, when you tell me that all my themes lack your 

Yes I know what you meant, with the "Thank you" intro you sent, acknowledging my prolonged patience and 
But just like milk that gone bad, lacking the freshness it had, you stayed 3 more nights beyond your expired 

Ironically you said you're proud. Well that pride of yours is missing sound. So you chose convenience priced with 
Yet you celebrate yourself, you said you and everyone else, who knows you. And you wonder why I don't celebrate your 

When you know who you really are, quote "Cute, smart, fun and popular" then why the constant search to validate your 
Yes you have tons of friends, but please stop and don't pretend, that you know the term 
"Quantity VS Quality"

Give me some credit will you, what do you mean I can't handle you. It's my choice not to instantly react to your 
My friend you're spontaneous, spontaneity comes out of your anus, with the fragrance of Aster flavored with your 

And if stability was a vice, and coming through for you did not suffice, then I accept my imperfection and embrace my 
So let me throw you a farewell, A spur-of-the-moment to wish you well. Go on, off you go. And don't leave a trail of your spontaneous personality


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Olga Lazin, Ph.D UCLA said...

Tony, you are a genius. Loved your writing. My blog:

Give me a jinggle when you have time;
1 310 488 0061, or text me. Olga
P.S. I am single.