Friday, September 3, 2010

An Opportunity

A purchase was made
A new project started
A vote ended a debate
Someone's success was charted
While you were reflecting on a riskless opportunity

Mistakes did happen
lessons were learned
Where there's no action
You miss your turn
While you were working on a flawless opportunity

A dream came true
a cycle was completed
Their theatrical breakthrough
Had your audience seated
While you were longing for a lifetime opportunity

Poems were recited
Under a candle flame
Her beauty got him excited
She changed her last name
While you were waiting for a romantic opportunity

And while you were planning and waiting
Playing it safe and hesitating
Thinking and calculating
Arguing and debating
Loving and hating
Dreaming and meditating

Guess what happened while you were still contemplating!

Life ....................

1 comment:

Ziggy said...

Love it. You really have a way w words.

"Their theatrical breakthrough
Had your audience seated"
and the last 2 paragraphs are my favorite..