Friday, May 28, 2010

Just because

Just because I didn’t write about love yet
Doesn’t mean I have never been in love before
I remember and I don’t think I can ever forget
How I felt when I fell in love, arriving at life's core

But I guess it’s easier to capture sad moments in words
It’s always easier to write about sadness than love
So forgive my poetic failure towards a four letter word
for when it comes to love I don’t think words are enough

Just because I didn’t sing a love song yet
Doesn’t mean I have been saving my vocal chords
Though my feelings for you have a different outlet
My singing career is open for more to explore

I have sung about heartbreaks, about separation
About missing you and how much it hurts
but my master piece is still in creation
My religion is love, that'll make the world convert

So patience my beloved for I know not
how to yet articulate my love in artistic ways
My actions express the love I got
I love you and I mean every word in this phrase

For when I write and sing about love it won't
sound like anything you've heard before
It will put you in a trance, you'll be simply stoned
and once you hear it, read it, you'll ask for more….

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