Friday, February 12, 2010

That Cold Morning

That cold morning
The snow kept on falling
And I heard it wouldn't stop before midnight

That November morning
Winter was dawning
But I had a feeling, I'd be alright

It was cold outside
The storm was fierce
But in my heart the wind felt like a gentle breeze

It was warm inside
I felt happiness
Dancing to the rhythm of my heartbeat

That cold morning
The snow kept on falling
building up a wall, blocking light and sight

It was like a warning
Darkness was forming
But I found the light when I searched inside

And it's simple
It could be a happy song
That brings warmth to your heart when you sing a long
Oh yeah it's simple
A memory from your past
The puts a smile on your face, a nostalgic one that lasts

When the going gets rough
When there ain't much love
When you do your best yet nothing seems good enough
Look back on your history
Remember tough victories
But don't underestimate the healing touch of memories

That cold morning
Was the end of my mourning
For when I reached deep inside, I got in touch with the child
Who whispered "Good Morning,
The snow will keep on falling
But it will make peace and turn all White"

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